[Linux-kernel-mentees] What is "linux-kernel-mentees"?

Greg KH gregkh at linuxfoundation.org
Fri Aug 21 14:17:47 UTC 2020

On Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 03:58:30PM +0200, Dmitry Vyukov via Linux-kernel-mentees wrote:
> Hello,
> I see this list is CCed on a bunch of syzbot fixes and emails have
> "[linux-kernel-mentees]" prefix. I wonder what is
> "linux-kernel-mentees"? Is it some kind of program? Run by whom? Is
> there is any page/info/stats about this program? I can't find anything
> relevant on the web, nor is there the first announcement email on the
> list.

It's a list used by many of the mentees of the LF kernel mentor

There are a number of different projects at the moment, all working on
the kernel, here is one of them that I help run:

and if you search for "Linux" on this page:
you will see a number of other ones.

Hope this helps explain things,

greg k-h

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