[Linux-kernel-mentees] [PATCH] net: usb: Fix uninit-was-stored issue in asix_read_cmd()

Jakub Kicinski kuba at kernel.org
Mon Aug 24 18:16:55 UTC 2020

On Sun, 23 Aug 2020 13:50:42 +0530 Himadri Pandya wrote:
> Initialize the buffer before passing it to usb_read_cmd() function(s) to
> fix the uninit-was-stored issue in asix_read_cmd().
> Fixes: KMSAN: kernel-infoleak in raw_ioctl

Regardless of the ongoing discussion - could you please make this line
a correct Fixes tag?

Right now integration scripts are complaining that it doesn't contain a
valid git hash.

> Reported by: syzbot+a7e220df5a81d1ab400e at syzkaller.appspotmail.com

This empty line is unnecessary.

> Signed-off-by: Himadri Pandya <himadrispandya at gmail.com>

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