[Linux-kernel-mentees] POC script to apply patches into a test-branch and run clang-format

Aditya yashsri421 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 10:48:58 UTC 2020

On 5/12/20 9:24 pm, Dwaipayan Ray wrote:
> Hey Aditya,
>> - The check with: "(! -e $git_clang_format_file)" doesn't work
>> correctly for me. Although the command runs properly, after I comment
>> out this if-section. Probably if we just check for a certain version
>> of git which added "git clang-format" for the first time, in users
>> system, it might do the trick.
> True, we need to track that version and terminate the script. Although I
> am curious why it didn't work in your case. Is that file non existent on your
> system?
>> - Also "git branch --show-current" is compatible only with Git 2.22 or
>> above (For eg, mine is 2.17.1). Maybe replace it with "git rev-parse
>> --abbrev-ref HEAD"?
> Yes, that version compatibility might be a problem.
> The other option is nice, but again it causes a certain conflict when the
> HEAD itself is detached.
> In a detached HEAD state, "git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD" just returns
> "HEAD".
>> diff --git a/block/sed-opal.c b/block/sed-opal.c
>> index daafadbb88ca..f7929eb67f37 100644
>> --- a/block/sed-opal.c
>> +++ b/block/sed-opal.c
>> @@ -2322,7 +2322,7 @@ static int opal_add_user_to_lr(struct opal_dev *dev,
>>         mutex_lock(&dev->dev_lock);
>>         setup_opal_dev(dev);
>>         ret = execute_steps(dev, steps, ARRAY_SIZE(steps));
>> -       mutex_unlock(&dev->dev_lock);
>> +mutex_unlock(&dev->dev_lock);
>>         return ret;
>>  }
>> --
>> 2.17.1
>> Now this patch gets applied to a new "test-xyz" branch, but it is not
>> formatted, ie the added line remains un-indented. Is this expected
>> behaviour from the script?
> Currently it should only output the diff. The --clang-format flag is to be used
> though. Maybe the diff could be written into a clang-format-fixes.patch file and
> apply it later on.
> That way the user has more control over what gets changed.
Hi Dwaipayan,
I have modified your script with clang-format-diff here:

As we wanted, it generates a modified patch which is clang formatted,
with suffix ".clang-format.EXPERIMENTAL". It also modifies the files
with clang-format in test-branch, which was desired with our
"--clang-format" flag to this script.

I think the code probably will need to be refactored once we are sure
that we are on the right track and the script does the desired job.

Lukas, what do you think?


>> I have also tried out something similar (using clang-format-diff
>> though). I'll try to add it in your script and send.
> Yep sure enough. The problem was somehow I didn't have it on
> my system. So I couldn't use that. But it should be easy to swap
> in git-clang-format for clang-format-diff.
> But anyways thanks for testing it out!
> A lot more to be done but let's see where it goes :)

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