[Linux-kernel-mentees] [RFC, WIP, v4 11/11] media: vidtv: Add a MPEG Transport Stream Multiplexer

Daniel W. S. Almeida dwlsalmeida at gmail.com
Wed May 6 07:05:25 UTC 2020

Hi Mauro! Thank you for reviewing this!

>> Add a MPEG Transport Stream multiplexer responsible for polling encoders,
>> interleaving packets, padding the resulting stream with NULL packets if
>> necessary and then delivering the resulting TS packets to the bridge
>> driver so it can feed the demux.
>> This patch includes a "channel" abstraction, which attempts to map a
>> MPEG service into a struct that vidtv can work with.
>> When vidtv boots, it will create some hardcoded channels:
>> -Their services will be concatenated to populate the SDT.
>> -Their programs will be concatenated to populate the PAT
>> -For each program in the PAT, a PMT section will be created
>> -The PMT section for a channel will be assigned its streams.
>> -Every stream will have its corresponding encoder polled to produce
>> TS packets
>> -These packets may be interleaved by the mux and then delivered to
>> the bridg
>> Signed-off-by: Daniel W. S. Almeida <dwlsalmeida at gmail.com>
> The same notes I made on previous patches apply here.

I did not understand this. Do you mean to say that I should remove these
dashes in the beginning of the lines?

- Daniel

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