[Linux-kernel-mentees] modprobing 'vidtv' doesn't really do anything

Daniel W. S. Almeida dwlsalmeida at gmail.com
Wed May 20 07:22:00 UTC 2020

Hi Mauro,

> Actually, passing 0 is not the right thing there. The init code
> should either be using gcc style:
> 	struct psi_write_args psi_args = {}  

I did not know that! Now fixed by replacing " = {0}" with " = {}"

As I said, the probing functions are actually called, but now I am
running into other issues..

I have sent a new revision (v6), in which I have squashed your patch
plus a few changes to the bridge driver.

In vidtv_bridge.c:266, dvb_module_probe always returns NULL. That is
because i2c_client_has_driver(client) fails, because client->dev.driver
is NULL.

I suspect this line is to blame, but I am not sure..
>	i2c_adapter->dev.parent = &dvb->pdev->dev;

Also, when this happens, some error handling code will run starting at
vidtv_bridge.c:383, but that will not remove the modules (i.e. lsmod
will still list the bridge and the demod). Is this expected? Should I
call vidtv_bridge_exit manually?

Also, should I worry about this?

>BUG: KASAN: user-memory-access in >do_init_module+0x1d/0x330
>Read of size 8 at addr 000000008322fe90 by task >modprobe/1290

I did not call this directly and I don't see a way to trace it back to
my code just by looking at "do_init_module+0x1d/0x330"


- Daniel

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