[Linux-kernel-mentees] [PATCH] checkpatch: fix false positive for REPEATED_WORD warning

Aditya yashsri421 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 14:21:18 UTC 2020

On 22/10/20 12:42 am, Lukas Bulwahn wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 8:25 PM Aditya <yashsri421 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 21/10/20 11:35 pm, Joe Perches wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2020-10-21 at 23:25 +0530, Aditya wrote:
>>>> Thanks for your feedback. I ran a manual check using this approach
>>>> over v5.6..v5.8.
>>>> The negatives occurring with this approach are for the word 'be'
>>>> (Frequency 5) and 'add'(Frequency 1). For eg.
>>>> WARNING:REPEATED_WORD: Possible repeated word: 'be'
>>>> #278: FILE: drivers/net/ethernet/intel/ice/ice_flow.c:388:
>>>> + * @seg: index of packet segment whose raw fields are to be be extracted
>>>> WARNING:REPEATED_WORD: Possible repeated word: 'add'
>>>> #21:
>>>> Let's also add add a note about using only the l3 access without l4
>>>> Apart from these, it works as expected. It also takes into account the
>>>> cases for multiple occurrences of hex, as you mentioned. For eg.
>>>> WARNING:REPEATED_WORD: Possible repeated word: 'ffff'
>>>> #15:
>>> []
>>>> I'll try to combine both methods and come up with a better approach.
>>> Enjoy, but please consider:
>>> If for over 30K patches, there are just a few false positives and
>>> a few false negatives, it likely doesn't need much improvement...
>>> checkpatch works on patch contexts.
>>> It's not intended to be perfect.
>>> It's just a little tool that can help avoid some common defects.
>> Alright Sir. Then, we can proceed with the method you suggested, as it
>> is more or less perfect.
>> I'll re-send the patch with modified reduced warning figure.
> Aditya, you can also choose to implement your solution;
> yes, it is more work for you but it also seems to function better in
> the long run.
> Clearly, Joe would settle for a simpler solution, but his TODO list of
> topics to engage in and work on is also much longer...
> Lukas

Hi Sir
I have implemented my solution. Should I send the patch in reply to
this mail or as a different mail? Also should I label it as v2? I have
also addressed the warnings out of list command output in it. for eg.

WARNING:REPEATED_WORD: Possible repeated word: 'root'
  drwxr-xr-x. 2 root root    0 Apr 17 10:53 .

WARNING:REPEATED_WORD: Possible repeated word: 'nobody'
drwxr-xr-x 5 nobody nobody    0 Jan 25 18:08 .


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