[Linux-kernel-mentees] [PATCH RFC] checkpatch: improve handling of email comments

Dwaipayan Ray dwaipayanray1 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 15:47:47 UTC 2020

> Hi Dwaipayan,
> I have generated reports on v5.0..v5.4.
> Relative change in warnings/errors before/after your patch:
> https://github.com/AdityaSrivast/kernel-tasks/blob/master/Task4/relative_summary/summary_relative.txt
> Dropped warnings:
> https://github.com/AdityaSrivast/kernel-tasks/tree/master/Task4/relative_summary/dropped_warnings
> There may be some discrepancies due to multi-threading. But it should
> give us a rough idea.

Thanks Aditya.

Seems like 763 false positives were resolved successfully.
So I guess the patch is working as intended.

My evaluation is currently running and might need a few
hours more. I will share it once it completes.


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