[Linux-kernel-mentees] [PATCH v2] net: usb: usbnet: update __usbnet_{read|write}_cmd() to use new API

Alan Stern stern at rowland.harvard.edu
Thu Oct 29 16:30:14 UTC 2020

On Thu, Oct 29, 2020 at 08:46:59PM +0530, Anant Thazhemadam wrote:
> I had a v2 prepared and ready but was told to wait for a week before sending it in,
> since usb_control_msg_{send|recv}() that were being used were not present in the
> networking tree at the time, and all the trees would be converged by then.
> So, just to be on the safer side, I waited for two weeks.
> I checked the net tree, and found the APIs there too (defined in usb.h).
> However the build seems to fail here,
>     https://lists.01.org/hyperkitty/list/kbuild-all@lists.01.org/thread/O2BERGN7SYYC6LNOOKNUGPS2IJLDWYT7/
> I'm not entirely sure at this point why this is happening, and would appreciate it if
> someone could take the time to tell me if and how this might be an issue with my
> patch.

It's happening because the tree you used for building did not include 
the declarations of usb_control_msg_{send|recv}().

It's hard to tell exactly what that tree does contain, because the 
github.com links embedded in the web page you mention above don't work.

Alan Stern

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