[Linux-kernel-mentees] [PATCH] checkpatch: Improve SPDX license identifier check for script files

Lukas Bulwahn lukas.bulwahn at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 07:10:10 UTC 2020

> I was wondering how should I go about the original patch? Should I keep
> both the checks or just the executable one and let be the patch as it is
> as further cleanup can lead to better performance as we have already
> seen with the evaluations.

Kees Cook and Andrew Morton pointed out that a tool may not rely on
the executable flag. So, checkpatch.pl may not rely on the executable
flag; the patch we created here is misdesigned, now we know that.

> Also, I have completed all the tasks related to this project on Community
> Bridge's site. What are the next steps of mentorship? By when can I
> expect the results sir/ma'am?

Mentorship can begin by October 1st. We need to develop a project plan
for the mentorship, you are in the lead to write that. We need a
project plan for the mentorship to start.

In the process of the checkpatch.pl patch creation, we identified that
we can check if we find any invocations that rely on the executable
flag. This could be a first set of tasks to do in the mentorship.

Maybe, you can find another aspect to look into the checkpatch.pl
evaluation? Maybe the check for the line of the SPDX-Identifier was
not the best case to start with, because it is more complex than
initially thought.


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