[Linux-kernel-mentees] [PATCH v2] checkpatch: handle line break between commit and hash value

Ayush ayush at disroot.org
Sat Sep 12 15:38:50 UTC 2020


> I could not reproduce those numbers.
> Can you share exactly what you are running? And can you share the list of
> differences in your report?
> I have seen that the line number now has also changed in some cases.
> We can check if the script really improves the detection or not.

I am re-evaluating my output and will give you a analysis of all commits
which are getting affected by my patch.
It will take time to run checkpatch.pl again on those commits, so I will
share as soon as it's finished.

>> my ${CONFIG_} = "CONFIG_";
>> -
>> +my $c_count = 0;
> Why do you think this variable definition is supposed to be placed here?
> Where are other variables with similar use defined in the checkpatch.pl
> script?

I think this variable should not be defined here, similar variables are added in
the subroutine "process".

In cases like:
- commit
1234567890ab ("foo bar")

It was checking line 1, then it was checking line 2 and then reports the error, which
should not be the case.

This variable is used to track such cases and do not check line 2 in such cases.

It need not be a global variable to work.
I will do the necessary changes in the next version.


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