[Linux-kernel-mentees] Linux kernel checkpatch.pl mentorship

Dwaipayan Ray dwaipayanray1 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 18:39:11 UTC 2020

> You should also try to find a case where checkpatch.pl can be improved:
> - It is best if you look at the checkpatch.pl error/warning reports and
> check if you can find a class of typical false positives in the reported
> data. Then, think about how to make the pattern in checkpatch and propose
> a patch to checkpatch.pl on this mailing list; with the evaluation data
> backing that your patch really improves the situation. We will then test
> and check your patch as well.
> - If you really cannot find a typical false positive, maybe you can take
> the task from Ayush to fix checkpatch with git ranges?
I will try to find and evaluate the possiblity of such a case, and report
my finding
as soon as I find something substantial.

I may also require some advice from you on the patch submission process.

Thanking you,
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