[Linux-kernel-mentees] [PATCH RFC] checkpatch: extend same_email_address check to load mailmap entries

Dwaipayan Ray dwaipayanray1 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 11:11:05 UTC 2020

> .mailmap entries are used when a person no longer has
> access to a particular email and a mapping is created to
> allow these old/invalid email addresses to be converted
> to a current/valid email address.
> The idea here is that a person may have a .gitconfig or
> equivalent that still uses an old/invalid email address
> but uses a Signed-off-by: for a current/valid one, so
> a warning _should_ be emitted for this case.
> At least for checkpatch, mismatches in email addresses
> should not be papered over by assuming equivalence between
> multiple email addresses.
> So this should be a separate test and not used in a function
> named
> "same_email_address".  These are specifically _not_
> the same email
> addresses.

Thanks for the clarification.

So instead of eliminating the warning completely will it be a
better alternative to display a more descriptive warning
on the lines of:

   invalid/obsolete email address used in signoff by
   author $author"

Or is it better to ignore the mailmap extension in checkpatch
and just display warnings for either mismatch in name/
mismatch in email.

Like, you had mentioned one in:
7958ded756c895ca614ba900aae7b830a992475e.camel at perches.com/

In that case, same name, but different mail address was
reported as a different warning.

So, I believe two cases can be handled better:
1) Same name, different email
2) Same email, different name

For case 2, it might also be possible to ignore the warning

What do you think is better?


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