Starting a Wiki for Syzkaller Bug Fixing Resources

Esme Xuan Lim esmethedev at
Tue Apr 27 20:50:18 UTC 2021

Hi there,

Having been on the bug fixing mentorship, I've been collating a bunch of
resources that helped me as I was going. I've been thinking that there
might be a big gap in resources in where interns might be looking and
was keen on trying to put one together. Given the current conversation
Greg has brought up about syzkaller bugs needing more attention, I
figured this could help fix it if interns are the only ones available
for this task.

I think it'd help the kernel mentees current and future sink their teeth
quicker into fixing bugs, and less into helping themselves learn what is
needed. This appears to be a big gap that would really help if it were
filled. Resources are heavily abundant for the Linux kernel, but a good
level of curation and maintained resources could help with bug fixing.
Resources look old, but are incredibly insightful. I would have skipped
looking at these resources given my experience with more modern
frameworks and toolkits (which is that it would be best to avoid
outdated ones as APIs change very quickly - but this is not the case
with the kernel)

I've got links and things but I've been wondering if it made sense to
build on the Kernel Mentees or to build a wiki (and host it) on
something more modern like github.

I'd love to hear suggestions for how best to go about this, and if
anyone would like to contribute to it too.


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