Starting a Wiki for Syzkaller Bug Fixing Resources

Esme Xuan Lim esmethedev at
Wed Apr 28 13:55:06 UTC 2021

On 28/04/2021 21:13, Kurt Manucredo wrote:
> On  Wed, 28 Apr 2021 04:50:18 +0800  Esme Xuan Lim <esmethedev at> wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Having been on the bug fixing mentorship, I've been collating a bunch of
>> resources that helped me as I was going. I've been thinking that there
>> might be a big gap in resources in where interns might be looking and
>> was keen on trying to put one together. Given the current conversation
>> Greg has brought up about syzkaller bugs needing more attention, I
>> figured this could help fix it if interns are the only ones available
>> for this task.
>> I think it'd help the kernel mentees current and future sink their teeth
>> quicker into fixing bugs, and less into helping themselves learn what is
>> needed. This appears to be a big gap that would really help if it were
>> filled. Resources are heavily abundant for the Linux kernel, but a good
>> level of curation and maintained resources could help with bug fixing.
>> Resources look old, but are incredibly insightful. I would have skipped
>> looking at these resources given my experience with more modern
>> frameworks and toolkits (which is that it would be best to avoid
>> outdated ones as APIs change very quickly - but this is not the case
>> with the kernel)
>> I've got links and things but I've been wondering if it made sense to
>> build on the Kernel Mentees or to build a wiki (and host it) on
>> something more modern like github.
>> I'd love to hear suggestions for how best to go about this, and if
>> anyone would like to contribute to it too.
> I would love to contribute. I've started my blog on:
> If any of these entries I made are helpful, I'd love to help you
> incorporate them into your wiki. I'd also love to get feedback on these
> entries. Count me in.
> thanks and kind regards
> Kurt Manucredo
(Resent to the mailing list; first email went only to Kurt - that was a mistake)

Hey Kurt,

If you join the discord, I guess we're having a fairly casual
conversation of how things should go. I'm writing up the structure of
the wiki at the moment and I'll have it up for pull requests in a bit:)



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