[PATCH 0/3] net: ethernat: ezchip: bug fixing and code improvments

Pavel Skripkin paskripkin at gmail.com
Fri Jun 18 16:14:23 UTC 2021

While manual code reviewing, I found some error in ezchip driver.
Two of them looks very dangerous:
  1. use-after-free in nps_enet_remove
      Accessing netdev private data after free_netdev()

  2. wrong error handling of platform_get_irq()
      It can cause passing negative irq to request_irq()

Also, in 2nd patch I removed redundant check to increase execution
speed and make code more straightforward.

Pavel Skripkin (3):
  net: ethernet: ezchip: fix UAF in nps_enet_remove
  net: ethernet: ezchip: remove redundant check
  net: ethernet: ezchip: fix error handling

 drivers/net/ethernet/ezchip/nps_enet.c | 7 +++----
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)


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