[RFC] scripts: kernel-doc: avoid warnings due to initial commented lines in file

Aditya yashsri421 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 21:24:44 UTC 2021

On 9/3/21 7:00 pm, Markus Heiser wrote:
> Am 09.03.21 um 13:53 schrieb Aditya Srivastava:
>> Starting commented lines in a file mostly contains comments describing
>> license, copyright or general information about the file.
>> E.g., in sound/pci/ctxfi/ctresource.c, initial comment lines describe
>> its copyright and other related file informations.
> The opening comment mark /** is used for kernel-doc comments [1]
> [1]
> https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/doc-guide/kernel-doc.html#how-to-format-kernel-doc-comments

Hi Markus!
That's true. But the content inside the comment does not follow
kernel-doc format.
For e.g., try running kernel-doc -none/man/rst on the above file in
the example("sound/pci/ctxfi/ctresource.c").
The starting 2-3 lines in files generally do not contain any
struct/enum/function, etc. declaration.


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