Checkpatch still worries about include/asm/ ?

Lukas Bulwahn lukas.bulwahn at
Thu Mar 18 17:03:11 UTC 2021

On Thu, Mar 18, 2021 at 5:47 PM Dwaipayan Ray <dwaipayanray1 at> wrote:
> Hello,
> include/asm/ got removed a long time back (probably v1.1.45).
> Checkpatch still worries about that:
> if ($realfile =~ m@^include/asm/@) {
> "do not modify files in include/asm, change architecture specific
> files in include/asm-<architecture>\n" . "$here$rawline\n");
> }
> Can we remove this check?

Wow, v1.1.45... that must have been taking quite some digging in the
ancient dirt to find that out.

I agree, let us remove that rule.

Thanks for the documentation effort on and cleaning up
obsolete rules while documenting.


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