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Thu Mar 25 12:56:02 UTC 2021

I wanted to check in and see if you got my note about the broken link on
your site?


On Monday, March 22, 2021 at 7:32 AM, Lauren Harris <lharris at>

> I noticed that your old link to the Multibit Bitcoin wallet (
> now gets redirected to a page on (KeepKey, the company that
> bought Multibit, redirected the site to that page).
> That would be a good link if all your readers were hard-core developers
> looking to restart that project.  But, given that the Multibit project has
> been shut down, most of your readers are probably looking for historical
> information or a suggestion on how to get their Bitcoin into a new wallet.
> You link to here:
> We just published an article that explains Multibit's history, including
> background on the founders, the project's acquisition and how
> wallet holders can move forward now.  I think it's an interesting story,
> and it could be useful to your readers.
> Here's the article if you want to take a look:
> Would you consider adding a link to our article on your post?
> Thanks,
> -Lauren
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> BTW, if you didn't like getting this email, please reply with something
> like "please don't email me anymore", and I'll make sure that we don't.
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