Regarding Linux Kernel: Checkpatch Documentation

Shubham shubhunic at
Wed May 5 03:32:33 UTC 2021

Hello Dear Dwaipayan,

I am Shubham Verma, a B.Tech final year, Information Technology undergraduate
student at Engineering College Bikaner. I would like to look into working with
LFX Mentorship Program. I want to work on the "Linux Kernel: Checkpatch
Documentation" project.

I have a good understanding of software engineering-related methodologies,
tools, and usages. and I also contributed to git organization and have a good
understanding of Git version control and writing tests. From previous personal
experiments, college projects, and internships, I gain experience in writing
technical reports, documentation (functions, classes, use cases, …)
for projects,
etc. and I have substantial experience in working with C/C++, Python, Object
-Oriented Programming, Data Structure and can easily implement algorithms.

Please give me some idea about how I can start working on this project?
I wanted to know what other things I have to do to be part of an organization.

I recently contributed to the Git organization and please look at my work.

I would be grateful if you can tell me if there's anything else that I
could do which
would be appreciated. Any further guidance or inputs would certainly
be of great help.

Thank You!

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