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Dear sir / madam,

OUR REFINERY is currently having it's Vessel on the China / Korea high sea, looking for another capable buying company to take over this vessel on high sea immediately due to the previous buyer inability to perform on the contract now it will be good if your company can take over this vessel without problem or delay.
Please Note: if your company is interested and ready to take over this vessel then you are required to issue your company official ICPO first with the exact quantity, Price and procedure stated in the Sanitized MOU.  the Refinery will immediately provide the Original MOU for countersigning of both parties {Allocation Holder & Buyer} after receiving your official ICPO like i said earlier. 

Upon signing of the original MOU, the Refinery shall provide the buyer the following partial proof of product documents which were issued in the name of the initial buyer for the verification of the product availability via email the vessel IMO Number, the vessel captain's Number and location will be provided.

Best Regards.
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