[linux-pm] Resume hanging on MSI motherboard

Pierre Ossman pierre-list at ossman.eu
Thu Dec 3 23:17:39 PST 2009

I have a MSI Neo2-Digital board that I'm trying to get suspend working
on. I'm not having much luck though, so I need some pointers on how to
debug this.

The symptoms are that the machine shuts down when suspend is triggered
and wakes up when the power button is pressed or an usb device pokes
it. Unfortunately it never gets back to a running state. It rattles a
bit on the disk, powers up the fans and turns on the LEDs, but that's

Doing a suspend in Windows has entirely different behaviour. There it
keeps all fans running, and doesn't do much in the way of saving power.
It goes from 90 W to 67 W from idle to "standby". The [broken] state
Linux puts the system in OTOH runs at 13 W ("off" is 10 W).

I've been trying to use pm_trace to debug where things lock up, but I'm
not able to get it to work. I do "echo 1 > /sys/power/pm_trace" and
then suspend the machine. But at the next boot, the clock is still sane
so it seems like the PM code never stores anything.

Help :/

     -- Pierre Ossman

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