[llvmlinux] LLVMLinux Meeting minutes for Thursday, Dec 13 2012

Behan Webster behanw at converseincode.com
Fri Dec 14 15:31:47 UTC 2012

LLVMLinux Project: http://llvm.linuxfoundation.org/

This week's meeting was on Thursday, Dec 13 2012 on Google Plus Hangout 
at 4pm UTC

Last weeks top 2-3 work items:
- kbuild support for clang
- reviewing/rewriting patches (work with Mark)
- upstreaming patches
- RPi USB.
- Tools to generate package install for RPi.
- Integrating and testing latest QuIC ARM 64-bit patches
- Review patches
- Help with Kbuild.init scripts
- Integrating Pipacs' x86 patches into master
- Working with behan on common patches
- upstreaming patches

(5 mins total) Everyone shared a quick summary of the progress they've 
made from the last 2 weeks
- Upstreaming patches. Reviewing new common patches from PaxTeam.
- Liasing with the USB/Gadget maintainers
- Fewer tries with __refdata. But without success.
- The new patches I have from QuIC do not work with the current upstream 
code. I need to debug the issue and send the problem files to the QuIC team
- forward-port (good news: dropping 3 patches)
- new vlais issue in bluetooth (net/bluetooth/amp.c) :(
   - Seems crypto VLAIS code was added to core bluetooth code.

(45 mins) General meeting discussions:
- Linux v3.7 and the new merge window for 3.8
   - mach-vexpress is broken
   - After including missing patches, vexpress kernel still doesn't boot.
   - Missing reset.c file. Patch missing, will be pushed to LLVMLinux 
patch list for now
   - Behan pushed a patch
   - (However a second pull from the ARM tree late last night may have 
fixed things, so the patch is being removed)
- Compiler Warnings
   - Assembler warnings removed in clang build
   - New compiler warnings have now shown up however
- Merged globals/section mismatches update
   - Mostly solved in JSM's branch. Not merged into mainline yet
- VLAIS Update
   - New proposed VLAIS macros
- USB gadget update
   - The USB guys don't like "macro magic" and therefore are considering 
rewriting the gadget code without the use of VLAIS (Yay!)
- KBuild Update
   - As options are moved from make-kernel.sh to Kbuild more warnings 
were apparent in the gcc build (which is unacceptable)
   - Mark suggested that testing can be done with the cc-option unit 
test to make this easier
- LLVM 3.2 patch submission update
   - 3 upstream  (oneliner, asm, gen-insn-attr-x86)
      - deleting arch/all/patches/0048-Fix*
      - deleting arch/x86_64/patches/0035-Fix-*
      - deleting arch/x86_64/patches/0038-Fix-*
- New patches added from x86_64 to common
   - Some of the many patches from Pax Team weren't x86_64 specific
   - Being forward ported to linux HEAD
- Raspberry-Pi Update
   - USB still isn't work. Probably the last part which needs fixing. 
(works with gcc, not with clang)
   - The kernel seems to be working otherwise
   - Probably stuck at v3.6 (Broadcom doesn't use mainline kernel)
- LLVMLinux Evangelism
   - Behan is hoping to talk at Android Builders and Embedded Linux 
      - Demos of clang kernel (laptop, rpi, android device (cyanogen), etc)
   - JSM is hoping to talk at FOSDEM
   - Behan will follow up with Tim Bird
   - Tinti sent a Blog posting to the raspberry-pi website (no answer yet)
   - Perhaps a LWN article would be a good idea. Topic ideas:
     - Works on x86_64 and rpi. More targets to come
     - Relatively few patches left
- Review bug list (please update your bugs on the website before the 
   - Clang Build with Linaro bug marked completed
   - "Segfault in userspace tools" bug removed due to being invalid
   - Segmentation difference bug is still in progress
- Review todo/roadmap list (please update your todos on the website 
before the meeting)
   - Clang/LLVM patch todos are still in progress
   - 64-bit ARM patch for LLVM is 2/3 upstream
   - Networking has been mostly tested now.
   - New patchset from Pax Team has been broken up.
   - Common patches being moved from x86_64 to arch/all
- Review the project Roadmap/Timeline to take us to the end of the year
   - Deferred again due to lack of time

(5 mins) Each meeting attendee listed the top 2 items to be worked on 
for the next 2 weeks
- Document __refdata patch script
- Test QuIC's last 64-bit ARM patch for LLVM not yet upstream
- Test clang built kernel on DragonBoard
- Push patches to master
- Finish upstreaming
- Work on rpi Ethernet/USB issue
- Follow up with rpi blog through the community
- Investigate using pseudo for SD image building for vexpress target
- tracing (if there is time)
- Upstreaming kernel patches
- Kbuild support


Behan Webster
behanw at converseincode.com

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