[llvmlinux] Minutes from Meeting (2012-11-16)

Behan Webster behanw at converseincode.com
Tue Nov 20 22:59:24 UTC 2012

For those who were unable to attend the last meeting...

LLVMLinux Project: http://llvm.linuxfoundation.org/

This week the meeting is on Friday, Nov 16 2012 on Google Plus Hangout 
at 4pm UTC

Last weeks top 2-3 work items:
- Working on upstreaming kernel patches
- Making sure our LLVM patches get upstream to LLVM project
- Test module loading/unloading
- Documentation review
- Write Raspberry Pi & Clang article
- Check USB/Ethernet issue on RPI
- Section Mismatches and
- x86 update to v3.6/HEAD
Agenda for the meeting:

(5 mins total) Everyone shared a quick summary of the progress they've 
made from the last 2 weeks
- Worked on sending VLAIS patches upstream (most were rejected)
- Attended Conference (talked to a lot of kernel devs)
- Reviewing all other patches for sending up stream (questions about 
patches for others)
- Started beaglebone target support
- Wrote Raspberry Pi blog article
- Debugging USB and Ethernet
- Section mismatches debugged - intermediate solution is to add 
__section(.init) / __section(.exit) in the macro for modules 
(module_init path) kernel/init.c
- x86 patchset forward-ported to master. currently in branch "jansimon" 
fixing remaining issues
Mark Charlebois:
- Worked on VLAIS patches and tried to simplify, came up with 2 
proposals and verified them
- Committed changes to test C and C++ wrappers for clang
- improved the wrappers to use new flags for finding GCC compiler. No 
need to modify PATH if new flag used
- Added new flags to make_kernel.sh for ARM

(45 mins) General meeting discussions:

Module unloading/merged globals/section mismatches
- Full logs/discussion
- linker alias isn't inherited in clang
- Hard coding exit/init section largely fixes the issue
- Still needs full testing
- Obsoletes refdata patch

VLAIS discussion
- Current patches rejected
- Technical and political issues need to be overcome to get these 
changes upstream
- Mark came up with a very good alternative which is a lot prettier than 
our current implementation
- Smaller and faster than gcc/VLAIS
- Naming needs work.

QEMU Networking discussion
- Networking needs to have libnss to work (even with staticly linked 
- Mark otherwise got it working
- Seems we need to build QEMU ourselves still (still would prefer to use 
distro package)

LLVM 3.2 patch submissions
- Not many patches needed anymore. The remaining ones need upstreaming
- ARM 64-bit patches (1 is upstream, 2 is under review, 3 will be pushed 
after 2)
- PaxTeam/JSM sent patches upstream
- clang needs to "Just Work" and be included in their distros
- Will need to work with distros to make sure clang is installed with 
all backends built

Init mem poisoning kills the kernel
- Now working. Patch removed.

Talks with Kernel devs at LinuxConEU/ELCE
- Talked to a lot of devs (x86, embedded, tools, etc)
- Mostly supportive
- Some offered to review patches
- Some people are okay with doing the final merge of a small simple patch
- We can include our patches in yocto when we're ready

Review patches
- Some no longer needed (mm-hugepage, refdata, inline)
- Some need rewriting (hacks, vlais)
- Some are clang specific (kbuild-clang, compiler-clang, etc)

- blog post sent
- Review bug list (please update your bugs on the website before the 

Reviewed bugs:
- linaro compiler still broken
- ASM warning needs to discussed with LLVM group or get flag added to 
binutils to turn off the warning

Reviewed todo list:
- Deferred due to running out of time.

Review the project Roadmap/Timeline to take us to the end of the year.
- Looking like we can meet a minimum feature set by Xmas
- Actual merging of code is, of course, up to the opinions of the 
upstream Maintainers

(5 mins) Each meeting attendee listed the top 2 items to be worked on 
for the next 2 weeks
- kbuild support for clang
- reviewing/rewriting patches (work with Mark)
- upstreaming patches
- RPi USB.
- Tools to generate package install for RPi.
- Integrating and testing latest QuIC ARM 64-bit patches
- Review patches
- Help with Kbuild.init scripts
- Integrating Pipacs' x86 patches into master
- Working with behan on common patches
- upstreaming patches

Behan Webster
behanw at converseincode.com

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