[llvmlinux] Meeting minutes from weeks 39-40

Behan Webster behanw at converseincode.com
Sat Oct 6 01:19:05 UTC 2012

The meeting was held on Oct 4 2012 at 3pm UTC on google hangout.


Status from last 2 weeks:
* Sent VLAIS patches to Greg KH
* Added documentation
* Fixed some build system issues
* Helped Tinti with rpi patches
* Initial project "timeline"
* irc-xmpp gateway up. room is:  llvmlinux at openmuc.jabberim.de . Bridge 
is active and in beta. Please test.
* X86 patch splitup still a work-in-progress
* Raspberry-pi initial patches (not working yet, but could be clang issues)
* Got MSM working again
* integrated patches for cross compile of compiler-rt
* Built static kernel with compiler-rt and no patches for __aeabi
* Found it won't work with dynamic modules
* How does GCC do an EABI kernel build and resolve the EABI funcs for 
dynamic modules?
* Moved EABI funcs to eabi.c
* Fought with clang memory leak for the past week

- Reviewed Bug list with those present. Most bugs were covered by the 
status above, or people weren't present to discuss their bugs.
- IRC-XMPP bridge is now in beta (connect to openmuc.jabberim.de with 
your jabber client and joint the llvmlinux room/muc)
- New Raspberry-pi code was added.
- Mark C has been busy adding ARM compiler-rt support. He's making great 
- Discussed clang issues we've been having this week.
- Reviewed the spreadsheet with all the todos/bugs with estimated time

Next meeting in 3 weeks since JSM and Behan won't be available 2 weeks 
from now. The doodle for the next meeting is: 

Top 2 items to be worked on by each person over the next 3 weeks:
* Upstream common kernel patches
* Get clang working again (investigate current compile issues + 
unpatched clang)
* Network testing (if time left)
* (travel)
* porting x86 patches to head
* finish rpi build
* test on a real rpi
* review project documentation
* try to add gdb/strace tools to initramfs
* Help resolve memory leak issue in clang build
* Make user space test SW use integrated assembler and clang for compilation
* Should user space use EABI build or not? If so, use compiler-rt
* Look at merged globals issue if time


Behan Webster
behanw at converseincode.com

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