[llvmlinux] Agenda for this week's LLVMLinux conference Call

Behan Webster behanw at converseincode.com
Fri Sep 21 15:36:23 UTC 2012

This week the meeting is on Friday, Sept 21 on Google Plus Hangout at 10pm GMT

Sorry about that. I had an off-by-one error. I was in CST when I did the time conversion, but was getting emails telling me the right time for EST. Some tools translated the time right, some wrong. so I was out by an hour. It should have been 10pm GMT. You can use http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ to figure out the time in your own timezone.

However, to be clear 10pm GMT works out to (for the cities/timezones I'm aware some of you are in):
- 11pm in Germany
- 5pm EDT (Waterloo)
- 4pm CDT (Baton Rouge)
- 2pm PDT (San Diego)

If you haven't use G+ Hangouts before, make sure you have the appropriate Chrome or Firefox plugin installed, and tested before the time of the meeting. You can try a test hangout with me today before the meeting if you want to.

Along with the G+ Hangout we will be using the following Etherpad during the meeting:


Here is the agenda I hope to follow for today's meeting. We may not get through all of it today...
1) (5 mins) Everyone shares a quick summary of the progress they've made from the last 2 weeks
2) (45 mins) General meeting discussions (Get through as many items as possible):
    - Go over general status of existing todo list on the website (make sure it reflects the latest info)
    - The new quilt kernel patching system (patch format, modularization, work yet to be done)
    - Adding new targets (Raspbery Pi?)
    - Discuss priority issues:
      - Module unloading
      - Merged globals issue
      - Sending patches upstream
    - Defining what the project needs to get into the next LLVM release:
      - return false for unsupported flags (and warnings?)
      - ARM 64bit type handling
    - Discussing the project Roadmap for the rest of the year
3) (5 mins) Finish up with each person listing the top 2 items to be worked on for the next 2 weeks
    - Attendees will update items they want to work on the wiki todo page after the meeting

Sorry this comes so late. I've been away most of the week. Next time I will get this out sooner.


Behan Webster
behanw at converseincode.com

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