[llvmlinux] LLVMLinux Meeting Minutes for 2012.09.21

Behan Webster behanw at converseincode.com
Sat Sep 22 02:48:07 UTC 2012

There notes were taken on an etherpad.

Here are the minutes for today's meeting:

 1. (5 mins) Everyone shared a quick summary of the progress they've
    made from the last 2 weeks

 1. Behan:

 1. Reviewed common kernel patches to send upstream.

 2. Broke current patching system refreshing patches.

 3. Replaced patch system with quilt in build system (newely modularized)

 4. Started documenting new quilt patch system

 2. Jan-Simon:  WIP: Fix broken x86 builds/patches.  (Apart from getting
    married[Ed: is that all? :P])

 3. Mark:

 1. Learning the new quilt based system

 2. Sending Behan bug reports about new quilt system

 3. Fixed msm build. newly synced msm code broken again

 4. Tinti:

 1. Studing the code.

 2. Some tries to compile it for Raspberry Pi as Mark recommended.

 2. (45 mins) General meeting discussions:

  * Decided that patches can be sent to the mailing list to be reviewed
    and applied by those with commit access to the git repo

  * Bug list on website reviewed. Statuses were updated, and extra
    comments were added.

  * QuIC is submitting 64-bit register support for 32-bit ARM upstream
    for Clang

  * Mark indicated that the next version of the Linaro compiler should
    fix the issue for using it to compile ARM target code for the project

  * AAPCS-linux support was marked low priority

  * Global register variable support is going to take some time

  * Bryce will get checker working before the next meeting

  * Mark will document the use of his scripts to generate patches for
    segment linkage differences

  * Mark has segment differences to fix in MSM code, Jan-Simon has them
    to fix for X86_64

  * We need to build an unpatched version of clang (as a baseline) so
    that we can run test cases to determine if our changes to Clang/LLVM
    will break existing behaviour.

  * The new quilt kernel patching system

  * New document on how to use it has been added to the new
    Documentation directory

  * It's been modularized away from the all.mk file

  * Patches added to support non mainline code for MSM and X86_64

  * Adding new targets

  * Tinti is working on a Raspbery Pi target

  * Mark to help setting up the new target

  * Behan to document target Makefile to make it easier

  * Discuss priority issues:

  * Module unloading is broken (doesn't work on x86_64 at least)

  * Merged globals issue (current issue for both ARM and X86_64)

  * Kernel patches will be sent upstream

  * Defining what the project needs to get into the next LLVM release:

  * Return false for unsupported flags (and warnings?)

  * ARM 64bit type handling (May be handled by QuIC)

  * Static analyzer (checker) needs to be fixed upstream so that we can
    use it.

  * Reviewd the project Roadmap on the wiki for the rest of the year

  * Assigned priorities and figured out what items could be accomplished
    before the end of the year

  * Behan to determine milestones for todo items

 3. (5 mins) Each meeting attendee listed the top 2 items to be worked
    on for the next 2 weeks

  * Behan: Upstream common kernel patches, quilt/documentation,

  * Jan-Simon: patch splitup for x86,  irc-xmpp gateway

  * Mark: compiler-rt cross compile and MSM support, unpatched clang build

  * Bryce Adelstein-Lelbach: CSA, MC assembler and implicit conversion bug

  * Tinti: work on RPI port. Get used with code and project organization


Behan Webster
behanw at converseincode.com

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