[llvmlinux] What's the status of llvm linux for X86_64?

Marcelo Sousa marceloabsousa at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 16:16:12 UTC 2013

Hello all,

Can someone elaborate on what's the status of the project for X86_64? I'm
interested in applying my static analysis tools that I developed for LLVM
IR to the Linux Kernel. However, it's clear that clang is not there yet to
cope with Kernel code. Are you applying patches at which level: clang,
Kernel or both? Some weeks ago I was able to generate LLVM IR for vexpress,
but I need a more functional infrastructure that can work for x86 and
several version of the Kernel. Is this at all possible at the moment?

I'm willing to spend time coding and fixing issues, so please feel free to
point me around. Furthermore, when will you have the next meeting?

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