[llvmlinux] ARM Integrated Assembler by default

Renato Golin renato.golin at linaro.org
Fri Dec 6 17:56:29 UTC 2013


We're trying to push the IAS by default on ARM's back-end to be ready
for 3.5, and I need your help to make an argument.

So far, people have compiled large projects (like Chromium and other
internal stuff) with the IAS, as well as I am running the test-suite
and the build tests with it and all seem fine. There were a number of
bugs (which we'll collect here: http://llvm.org/PR18158) but all of
them were fixed.

Can you guys compile the kernel with the IAS turned on, just to see
how many bugs would crop up? You can either add "-integrated-as" on
Clang's command line, or apply the attached patch to LLVM before
building the kernel.

Also, I don't expect it to solve any problem, so please compile the
kernel with your patches already in it, just to make sure we're not
hitting bugs that GAS also fails.

Let me know your findings, and I hope we don't find too many bugs...
fingers crossed! ;)

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