[llvmlinux] [PATCH 1/1] Add android-linaro toolchain

Renato Golin renato.golin at linaro.org
Fri Dec 13 10:21:02 UTC 2013

On 13 December 2013 09:47, Vinicius Tinti <viniciustinti at gmail.com> wrote:

> The Android Linaro toolchain can be used as an alternative to 'android'
> toolchain. Althourgh it may be necessary to add the
> 'android-linaro-kernel.patch' patch to make the target kernel build.


This is really good because the problems the Android team was seeing when
compiling with our newest toolchain were the same they were seeing with

I'd really like if AOSP developers would start using the Linaro GCC, so
that we could provide the toolchain solution for all platforms (currently
ARM and x86 Linux only), and all the kernel and system compilation problems
we're having would be a lot easier to convince them to fix.

Do you know if this patch is being pushed upstream? Would be great if we
could just compile without patches...

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