[llvmlinux] Android Builders and Embedded Linux Conference

Behan Webster behanw at converseincode.com
Tue Feb 26 03:59:53 UTC 2013

I gave talks on the project last week at both Android Builders and 
Embedded Linux Conference which show cased the excellent work done by 
everyone who has contributed to this project. And the response was very 

The talk at Android Builders Summit (ABS) was about building Android 
with LLVM; In the end I wasn't able to get very far in building Android 
with LLVM, so instead I talked about the process and the current 
challenges in building the LLVM Linux patched kernel for the Galaxy S3, 
and the success in building the LLVM Linux patched kernel for the Nexus 
7. Thanks to both Tinti and Jan-Simon for their efforts in helping me 
with the Galaxy S3, and Tinti's huge success in getting the Nexus 7 
working first try! It meant I had a demo of the LLVM Linux patches 
running on an Android device to show off at the conference

The great thing about the ABS talk is it lead to talks with Zach 
Pfeffer, and Bernhard Rosenkränzer from Linaro (http://linaro.org/). 
They are interested in adding an LLVM compiled Android, including the 
LLVM Linux patches to http://android-build.linaro.org/ . Zach (Android 
Platform Lead at Linaro) is keen to get the build working on their 
systems and being able to start testing it on their LAVA test farm. 
Bernhard is the Linaro compiler guy, and intimately familiar with the 
Android build system considering he just released gcc 4.7 support for 
Linaro Android.

The talk at the Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) went very well, with the 
biggest audience I've had yet hearing about the state of the LLVMLinux 
project with lots of questions, and support.

 From this talk various people at yocto (http://www.yoctoproject.org/) 
talked to me about getting LLVM/Clang into yocto (and OpenEmbedded) so 
that they can then properly include and build test the LLVM Linux 
patches there too.

So lots of progress and tie-ins with big embedded projects with wide 
industry support interested in including the work from this project. 
This is a great step to wider adoption!


Behan Webster
behanw at converseincode.com

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