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That are great news.

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> I gave talks on the project last week at both Android Builders and
> Embedded Linux Conference which show cased the excellent work done by
> everyone who has contributed to this project. And the response was very
> positive.
> The talk at Android Builders Summit (ABS) was about building Android with
> LLVM; In the end I wasn't able to get very far in building Android with
> LLVM, so instead I talked about the process and the current challenges in
> building the LLVM Linux patched kernel for the Galaxy S3, and the success
> in building the LLVM Linux patched kernel for the Nexus 7. Thanks to both
> Tinti and Jan-Simon for their efforts in helping me with the Galaxy S3, and
> Tinti's huge success in getting the Nexus 7 working first try! It meant I
> had a demo of the LLVM Linux patches running on an Android device to show
> off at the conference
> The great thing about the ABS talk is it lead to talks with Zach Pfeffer,
> and Bernhard Rosenkränzer from Linaro (http://linaro.org/). They are
> interested in adding an LLVM compiled Android, including the LLVM Linux
> patches to http://android-build.linaro.**org/<http://android-build.linaro.org/>. Zach (Android Platform Lead at Linaro) is keen to get the build working
> on their systems and being able to start testing it on their LAVA test
> farm. Bernhard is the Linaro compiler guy, and intimately familiar with the
> Android build system considering he just released gcc 4.7 support for
> Linaro Android.
> The talk at the Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) went very well, with the
> biggest audience I've had yet hearing about the state of the LLVMLinux
> project with lots of questions, and support.
> From this talk various people at yocto (http://www.yoctoproject.org/)
> talked to me about getting LLVM/Clang into yocto (and OpenEmbedded) so that
> they can then properly include and build test the LLVM Linux patches there
> too.
> So lots of progress and tie-ins with big embedded projects with wide
> industry support interested in including the work from this project. This
> is a great step to wider adoption!
> Behan
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