[llvmlinux] LLVMLinux meeting minutes 2013.01.15

Behan Webster behanw at converseincode.com
Thu Jan 17 17:34:22 UTC 2013

*Th*e*meeting *wa*s on Tuesday, Jan 15 2013 on Google Plus Hangout at 

Last weeks top 2-3 work items:

      o Mark:
          + Document __refdata patch script
          + Test QuIC's last 64-bit ARM patch for LLVM not yet upstream
          + Test clang built kernel on DragonBoard
      o Jan-Simon:
          + Push patches to master
          + Finish upstreaming
      o Tinti:
          + Work on rpi Ethernet/USB issue
          + Follow up with rpi blog through the community
          + Prepare "checkpoint" in RPI repository
      o Randy:
          + Investigate using pseudo for SD image building for vexpress
          + tracing (if there is time)
      o Behan
          + Upstreaming kernel patches
          + Kbuild support

*Minutes*for this week:

  * (5 mins total) Everyone shared a quick summary of the progress
    they've made from the last 2 weeks
      o Behan:
          + Investigated and fixed vexpress build breakage
          + Investigating rootfs options
          + Submitted and accepted talks at ABS and ELC
          + Investigating building Android with Clang/LLVM for ABS talk
          + Mechanism for tmpfs build for kernel builds
      o Jan-Simon:
          + Push x86 patch-queue to master - working with kernel HEAD now
          + Bisection support
          + Submitted and accepted talk at FOSDEM
          + x86 initrd support
      o Mark:
          + Tried to load Pragmatix on DragonBoard
              # Missing serial cable, download keys, etc
              # Required installation of Debian Squeeze, or chroot of
          + Rebuilt Android for Dragonboard 8060A using instructions
            from Intrinsyc
              # Required installation of Ubuntu 10.04
              # Stubbornly tried to make it work on 12.04 and failed
      o Tinti:
          + Building rpi build
          + Working on checkpoints for rpi
          + Invited more people from rpi community to the IRC channel
  * (45 mins) General meeting discussions:

      o Linux v3.8-rc3
          + vexpress building again
      o Fully featured test rootfs generation (not small initramfs)
          + Current Linaro rootfs requires root to update
      o Warnings
          + New warnings in linux build

      o Merged globals/section mismatches update
      o New patches added from x86_64 to common

      o VLAIS Update

          + USB gadget update
      o KBuild Update
          + As options are moved from make-kernel.sh to Kbuild more
            warnings were apparent in the gcc build (which is unacceptable)
          + Mark suggested that testing can be done with the cc-option
            unit test to make this easier

      o LLVM 3.2 update
          + Octa patch updated by Randy and Pipacs

      o Raspberry-Pi Update
          + USB still isn't working (therefore no Ethernet)
          + rpi upstream is now at v3.6
          + some patches
      o LLVMLinux Evangelism
          + Behan is talking at ELC, and submitted a talk for ABS
              # Demos of clang kernel (laptop, rpi, android phone
                (cyanogen), etc)
          + JSM is talking at FOSDEM
          + Perhaps a LWN article would be a good idea.
              # Works on rpi
              # Relatively few patches now
      o Review bug list (please update your bugs on the website before
        the meeting)
          + operand widths bug misclassified. Moved to kernel bug list
          + .macro args: Still a Work-in-progress
      o Review todo/roadmap list (please update your todos on the
        website before the meeting)

      o Review the project Roadmap/Timeline to take us to the end of the
          + https://docs.google.com/a/converseincode.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoeRmB6JBVt_dGYwSUNNNHd2SFFMWF9yMTRoa2VuZmc#gid=0

  * (5 mins) Each meeting attendee listed the top 2 items to be worked
    on for the next 2 weeks
      o Behan
          + Kbuild support
          + Work on talks for ELC and ABS
          + Better rootfs solution
          + Recheck whether Checker is still broken
          + Upstream patches
      o Jan-Simon
          + x86 builder
          + bug triage and marking necessary/cosmetic
          + FOSDEM talk
          + make test on x86
          + help tinti with rpi
      o Mark

          + Load Android image on DB 8060A
          + Compile kernel with clang and reload image with Clang kernel
          + Get Pragmatix build running, re-build pragmatix kernel with
          + Check on upstream status of 64bit patches from QuIC
          + Document the use of his scripts to generate patches for
            segment linkage differences
          + Re-check CONFIG_STACK_PROTECTOR
      o Tinti
          + Provide "checkpoint" for rpi
              # Document how to generate the root filesystem and sdcard
              # Document how to proceed with "checkpoint"
          + Provide binaries for Jan-Simon
          + Add support for kernel 3.6
          + Investigate USB issue
          + Merge branch back to master


Behan Webster
behanw at converseincode.com

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