[llvmlinux] [llvm3.3linux3.10] x86_64: Two missing patches in series file?

Jan-Simon Möller dl9pf at gmx.de
Thu Jul 11 13:53:35 UTC 2013

What versions of what ?

Use the build system (latest master) and learn how it does it. 

I can't help on a custom build procedure as I can't reproduce it.

P.S.  I told you already to use a revision before 3.10-rc7 .
P.P.S.  I sent you my working kernel commit ID
P.P.P.S.  My last mail for today

Sincerely yours,

Jan-Simon Möller

> I was able to build a kernel w/ above mentioned patches and a slightly
> modified x86_64 kernel-config (no localversion stuff and disabled
> debug-info).
> Unfortunately, it does not boot on bare metal.
> The only thing I see is decompressing... and a return to GRUB.

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