[llvmlinux] keeping track of working configs?

Jan-Simon Möller dl9pf at gmx.de
Tue Jul 16 08:04:51 UTC 2013

Hi !

On Tuesday 16 July 2013 08:41:38 Jens Staal wrote:
> Hi
> While packaging LLVMLinux for Arch, I noticed that the default Arch
> config does not work to build LLVMLinux whereas the default config
> included in the llvmlinux checkout does.
> One of the purposes of this packaging is naturally to encourage savvy
> and interested people to test various permutations of the build/config.
> What is the purpose of the default config? Should it enable
> everything that has been shown to work?

We have since lastweek 2 targets:
* x86_64 : this is a distribution config strip'ed down to build
	Removed items:
		- Bluetooth (vlais)
		- exofs
		- nfs4.1 (ore)
		- Fuse
		- staging
		- tracers
		- some more
 * x86_64_tiny:  this is a small target (to speed up the build and testing) - 
			should boot in qemu but might not on real HW

> In that case, BTRFS can also be activated, which I do on the default
> config via sed in the PKGBUILD:

Ok, thanks. 
> https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/ll/llvmlinux-git/PKGBUILD
> is there a wiki somewhere with working/non-working configuration
> options documented?

- but we don't have a page with config options listed, yet.


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