[llvmlinux] Linux Kernel LLVM IR

Behan Webster behanw at converseincode.com
Tue Mar 5 16:29:29 UTC 2013

On 03/05/13 09:29, Marcelo Sousa wrote:
> Can I modify the current make-kernel.sh to call the wrapper? This
> would allow me to generate the bytecode and the object file quite
> easily. I modified the CC variable in make-kernel.sh to call the
> clang-wrapper.sh but this doesn't work (not sure why though). Any
> suggestions?
clang-wrap.sh is designed to compile userspace code. It doesn't work 
with kernel code.

Give me a couple of hours. I'll make it do what you want.


Behan Webster
behanw at converseincode.com

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