[llvmlinux] [GSoC] Introduction (Hello everyone ;-)!)

Eduard Bachmakov e.bachmakov at gmail.com
Thu May 2 05:49:44 UTC 2013

Since I will be joining the hangout later today and there's no point
wasting too much of everyone's time, I figured now's a good to time to
actually say hello :-)! I used the relevant part from the proposal template
(the whole "my project" part is to come after the hangout). I hope that's
not too stiff.

TL;DR: I want to do meaningful work that would benefit many people (even if
only a little per person) ... so I came here :-). I'm no code wizard but
willing to learn!

About Me

* Eduard Bachmakov
* University: Villanova University, PA, USA (undergraduate between 3rd/4th
* Background
  - International student from Germany, studying Computer Engineering +
  - Linux enthusiast!
  - clang fanboy (-fsanitize=undefined FTW)
* IRC: McEnroe

My Coding Skills

I use Archlinux (x86_64) on my ultrabook and two custom machines (4 physical
cores 8/16 GB ram each => ideal for compiling ;-)).

My work environment is set up for vexpress and x86-64 and ready to go.
(Almost trivial to do with the current build system!)

I have used C in quite a few courses (C, algorithms, OS, sofware dev.,
networks, microproc., and compilers plus some low-key scientific calc for
Astronomy). Outside of that I did e.g. a network probe for a company to be
deployed on consumer routers (spec: low-footprint, sockets, ...).

I know my way around Python and a few technical languages (like Matlab) but
that in the context of llvmlinux this is not particularly relevant.

My experience with compilers is only basic (made one to compile C- (C
to JVM) but everyone need to start somewhere, right?

You and Me

This would be my first major (!= bug reporting) contribution to an open
project ... one of the reasons I am very exited about this.

The kernel and the (C) compiler two of the most important parts of a system.
Improving either or *both* to run faster/more stable/more predictable is a
win-win situation. I feel like working on this project will allow me to make
a lot of (positive!) impact -- which is why I am here.
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