[llvmlinux] A few changes for ubu-13.04/64: Add flex and other pkgs.

Randy MacLeod rwmacleod at gmail.com
Fri May 3 21:46:58 UTC 2013

I tired tog et registered on the llvm wiki but that seems to take a while.
tinti on IRC volunteered to do the editing so here's the email summary.

// Randy

I'm building llvmlinux on a fairly fresh install of ubuntu 13.04/64bit and
noticed that the list of packages to apt-get was not complete. The build
system does catch each omission but
I think it would be better for newbies if  the apt-get/yum list included
all the packages
to make vexpress and x86_64 and that we document

. There are a number of other pacakges that I had to
add but perhaps they are target specific. Anyway, if you want a list, I had
to add these:
  - flex libfdt1 libfdt-dev  libpixman-1-dev libpixman-1-0

Could you at least add flex to the list here:

A few notes below if you want to know some of the context in which I found
I had to add packages.

On to building oe-core native pkgs using clang and perhaps working with
Khem to add llvm and clang to oe-core.

// Randy

BTW, my first build of x86_64 failed (no logs, oops) so then I built
vexpress and that worked although I did have to add the package libfdt1.
The build system was kind enough to fail and ask for that pkg.

Then, iirc, I was building target/x86_64 and found:

Finished state qemu-patch
dpkg-query: no packages found matching sparse
dpkg-query: no packages found matching libfdt-dev
Checking build dependencies
All build dependencies were found
Configure QEMU...
(cd /home/rmacleod/src/lang/llvm/llvmlinux.git/test/qemu/build/qemu &&
/home/rmacleod/src/lang/llvm/llvmlinux.git/test/qemu/src/qemu/configure \
--disable-kvm --disable-vnc \
--disable-sdl --audio-drv-list="" --audio-card-list="" --enable-fdt \

ERROR: pixman not present. Your options:
         (1) Preferred: Install the pixman devel package (any recent
             distro should have packages as Xorg needs pixman too).
         (2) Fetch the pixman submodule, using:
             git submodule update --init pixman

so I added:
  libpixman-1-dev libpixman-1-0

and then later: libfdt-dev for some reason.

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