[llvmlinux] PowerPC builds

S Madhu smadhu2048 at gmail.com
Sat May 4 10:13:06 UTC 2013

is anybody trying PowerPC builds ? I am specifically looking at Freescale's
e5500/6500 family or IBM's Power 7 variant. I run a research program
developing a Power compatible processor ( along withna virtualized linux
running on top of secure hypervisor) and we are at a stage where we need to
start working on the tool chain. Figured getting our hands dirty on Clang
now would help us get used to it, since clang looks like a better option
than Gcc for us. If nobody is doing it, we can give it a shot since we have
both HW and free labor in the form of my grad students !

if the processor reaches a usable form, we will be releasing it into open
source. It is a 64 bit design with multiple issue and Multi threading, so
should match a core i5 in perf if tuned well. A big if there I must
admit ! Supports
256 bit simd instructions also. Single core initially, may go to 4/8 if our
funding holds up or if the open source community takes it up.

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