[llvmlinux] Errors building on OS X, and questions

Rick Mann rmann at latencyzero.com
Fri Nov 8 01:29:59 UTC 2013

On Nov 7, 2013, at 16:23 , Tinti <viniciustinti at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Rick,
> Very cool that you are trying on OS X. I am not sure if anyone here has tried but is nice to see that the build system is able to reach the kernel build step.
> I would recommend you first build 'vexpress' target. If it works on OS X then try BeagleBone which by the way as far as I remember is not up to date.
> Please let me know if I can help in something more. Good luck!


I tried vexpress. It seems to have gotten farther, albeit with similar issues:


In particular, I think the first error is in "USB Miscellaneous drivers”, "Error in reading or end of file.”


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