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Renato Golin renato.golin at linaro.org
Wed Nov 20 10:29:24 UTC 2013

On 20 November 2013 10:18, Tinti <viniciustinti at gmail.com> wrote:

> What kind of adaptation do you want? If you have a patch or something, I
>> can talk to him, or you can send him and copy me, if you want. I think the
>> latter is better, since I'm not directly involved in the issue, myself.
> This code inserts a VLAIS.

Unless we have an alternative, I don't think "please, re-implement your
code without VLAIS" would cut.

The main issues are:
 * VLA is much simpler to code and understand
 * GCC produces very good code from it

So, at the toolchain group, we're tackling this problem from two sides:
 * Trying to find alternatives to VLAIS that are simple and perform well,
and convincing kernel folks to use it
 * Improving GCC to generate good code on those cases and hopefully emit a
warning on VLAIS

But for now, we'll have to suffer a bit... Which means, for every VLAIS
patch, we should email back the submitter asking for a different approach.
Submitting an alternative would make it a lot easier to be accepted. Also,
feel free to copy me on any email, especially if it's a Linaro engineer.

I'm sorry I can't do much more than that. They have some very hard
deadlines for feature support and performance improvements, and I don't
want to be in between them and their targets, as I know I'll be shot very
quickly and thoroughly.

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