[llvmlinux] [i586] Boot issues

Ghitulete Razvan razvan.ghitulete at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 17:26:42 UTC 2013

Hi guys,

I am working on a project and I currently need to compile and boot a x86
kernel (hence i586). I managed to compile it, but when I try to boot it up
it freezes up somewhere in the start_kernel() function. Couldn't exactly
pinpoint where due to the fact that the console doesn't get to output

On the host machine I see that the VM process is at 100% CPU, so I assume
it has anything to do with an infinite loop, somewhere. Does anybody have
any ideas?

Also, as a side note I am using VMware. Has anybody managed to bootup
inside VMware? At some point I was thinking this might have something to do
with the virtual hardware simulated by VMware, since the `crash` is quite
early in the bootup phase.

Razvan Ghitulete
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