[llvmlinux] ARM-specific build dependencies required for other architectures

Toma Tabacu Toma.Tabacu at imgtec.com
Mon Dec 1 09:42:24 UTC 2014


I have noticed that a recent commit (9db3725) has made some ARM-specific build dependencies mandatory for other architectures as well.
This commit changed ARMCLANGDEBDEP to DEBDEP in toolchain/clang/clang-arm-from-source.mk, which causes the bleed-over of ARM build dependencies into other architectures.

I fixed this by making toolchain/clang/clang.mk only include clang-arm-from-source.mk if the target architecture is ARM.
I have attached a patch with my fix.

Having to install an ARM cross-compiler if you're only building for an x86 or MIPS target seems unnecessary to me, so I hope this fix will get picked up.

Any thoughts on this ?

Toma Tabacu
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