[llvmlinux] Removal of the Malta target

Toma Tabacu Toma.Tabacu at imgtec.com
Mon Dec 8 12:19:49 UTC 2014


I wanted to let you know that I have been working on the Malta target for a while
and I would like to request its restoration in the LLVMLinux repository.

So far, I have 4 MIPS-specific kernel patches (which fix 2 errors and 2 warnings),
1 LLVM MIPS CodeGen patch, and 5 tentative architecture-independent kernel patches.

I was going to submit the MIPS-specific patches on the LLVMLinux mailing list soon,
but then the (justifiable) removal of my target happened.

We are in this unfortunate situation because the approach I took was wrong.
I should have contributed the patches one at a time, instead of buffering them up,
and I should have engaged with the LLVMLinux community more, instead of working in isolation.

I hope I haven't caused too much of an inconvenience.

Toma Tabacu
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