[llvmlinux] LLVMLinux now has a branch being pulled into linux-next

Behan Webster behanw at converseincode.com
Thu Feb 20 03:17:50 UTC 2014

The for-next branch from the llvmlinux/kernel.git repo has been added to 

This means that LLVMLinux patches which are ready for upstream will 
receive integration testing with the wider kernel community, greater 
testing, but also this mailing list will be told when things break at 
integration time.

Though all the LLVMLinux patches will be published to kernel.git, the 
for-next branch will only contain those patches which are ready to be 
pulled upstream into mainline. No doubt everyone already knows the 
following, but "ready for upstream" is defined as:

* Submitted under GPL v2 (or later)
* Have a proper commit message, description, solution, relevant PR#
* Include the Contributor's Signed-off-by
* Have been reviewed by at least one other LLVMLinux project member (I certainly try to review all our patches)
* Reviewed by the relevant upstream maintainer(s)
* Posted to the relevant upstream kernel mailing list
* Successfully unit tested
* Destined for the current or next Linux merge window.

Thanks to Stephen Rothwell for his guidance, for including the branch, and to Jan-Simon for the idea and helping review the automation I built in order to assemble the branch from our various arch patch sets.


Behan Webster
behanw at converseincode.com

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