[llvmlinux] Unmatching Arch String for Aarch64/arm64

PaX Team pageexec at freemail.hu
Thu Jan 30 22:45:19 UTC 2014

On 30 Jan 2014 at 14:21, Behan Webster wrote:

> Really? I thought Debian was using "amd64" long before it was referred
> to as x86_64...

the work began in 99 or so, SuSE joined in 2000 or around that, and the first
public release of code/docs happened some years later, in 2003 by which point
the original name was well established among those who had worked on it. amd
tried to change it in a last minute marketing effort to little avail as we
now know ;).

some history: http://marc.info/?l=debian-devel&m=105131499612169&w=2

> But, you're right. A lot of the original work must have been done by AMD...

by that time it was entirely amd's work, intel didn't even have working hw
until 2004 or so and they never ever acknowledged amd's efforts in their
official publications (which in turn pissed off many people at the time to
the point that even Linus was considering an arch rename to amd64 in the
linux sources out of spite).

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