[llvmlinux] Integrated Assembler and vexpress...

Behan Webster behanw at converseincode.com
Fri Jan 31 23:59:25 UTC 2014

On 01/29/14 17:24, Tinti wrote:
> No. Sorry the misunderstanding I made. It has NOT WORKED for me on
> vexpress!
> What did work for me was building with clang 3.5 with
> no-integrated-as.patch on vexpress.
> But clang 3.5 without no-integrated-as.patch on vexpress has not worked.
> Maybe we still need to verify.
Indeed we did need to verify. Seems IA is off by default for arm.
Forcing it on makes it fail on arm (same as the other arches).

Thanks Vinicius, and Renato.

Oh well.


Behan Webster
behanw at converseincode.com

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