[llvmlinux] Latest LLVMLinux Git not booting (both from build architecture and source tree)

Jason Gionta jjgionta at ncsu.edu
Sat Nov 1 20:06:37 UTC 2014


I am trying to get LLVMLinux to boot in QEMU using the latest Git hub
sources building both the base source tree (make HOSTCC=clang CC=clang ...)
and through the build architecture (./target/x86_64_tiny,./target/x86_64).
I have followed the instruction from both
http://llvm.linuxfoundation.org/index.php/X86_64 and

All three builds succeed but fail to boot during the setup stage and show
"Warning: Ancient bootloader, some functionality may be limited!" after
which the setup seems to hang never reaching init/main.c:start_kernel. (I
set a gdb break point on start_kernel)

Can anyone else confirm this or help point me to how to begin solving this
problem? I am having trouble debugging the boot code through gdb because
the vmlinux doesn't have the boot setup symbols. At a minimum I would
believe the x86_64_tiny should boot but it certainly doesn't.


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