[llvmlinux] how can i get a set of patches for the specific version linux kernel (e.g. 3.11.1)

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Fri Nov 21 09:45:39 UTC 2014

my platform is x86_64.i use clang3.5 to compile linux kernel 3.11.1 applied with x86 patches provided in the llvmlinux main page.But it seems like the patches are just for the higher linux kernel version,there are a lot of dismatch  for the version 3.11.1.Is there a corresponding set of patches for the specific linux kernel version(e.g 3.11.1).if it is available,how can i get it ?

Are there any suggestions about how to get the solution when i encounter compilation problem with clang?like some forums for question and answer,or blog ,or site. because i find the llvmlinux IRC  is very silent.
where can i go for the patches to the specific linux kernel version?

XiaoMeng Tong   ‍
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