[llvmlinux] [oe] Clang cross compiler with OpenEmbedded

Roman Khimov roman at khimov.ru
Tue Aug 25 10:52:12 UTC 2015

В письме от 25 августа 2015 01:03:07 пользователь Khem Raj написал:
> We have put together clang as system cross compiler support into
> OpenEmbedded, here is a writeup on how to use it in your setups.
> http://himvis.com/using-clang-with-openembeddedyocto-project/

Do you have any plans to support scan-build analysis?

We have had one in Altell but with a gross hack (and even that based on OE 
classic) --- we'd built native clang and then used a special task between 
configure and compile stages that copied its script (run.do_scanbuild) into 
another one, mangled it heavily to override $CC and $CXX, and after that ran 
that script under scan-build (with --use-cc and --use-c++ pointing to the 
proper GCC toolchain), then reconfigured again for normal build.

That worked with some exceptions and allowed us to make static analysis of our 
whole build, but it was kludgy and not that efficient. I guess that with a 
proper cross-compiling Clang toolchain things could be done way more easily 
right at the compile stage.

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