[llvmlinux] Cross Compiling Android Kernel

Fürst Stefan dieb.stefan.96 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 22:21:04 UTC 2015

Hello guys maybe someone here is able to help me,

I am getting weird errors while cross compiling and android kernel.

I installed clang 3.7 on my ubuntu machine.

This is my github if anyone is interested in:

I think i added all necessary patches to make it working but it does not

When i cross compile without adding a target to Makefile: to hostcflags and
hostcxxflags i get these errors:http://pastebin.com/HWSBAYhy

Than i figured out that the target is missing i added to hostcflags and
hostcxxflags and i get another weird errors:http://pastebin.com/B9fu1P8u

Am i using the wrong target? Or what is the problem related to.

To compile i used make V=1 ARCH=arm SUBARCH=arm
CC=/usr/lib/llvm-3.7/bin/clang HOSTCC=clang

How can i solve this? Is there something missing?

Kind regards

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